Marketing Campaign

Viral Marketing Campaign for foodpanda


Partnered with foodpanda (UberEats of Asia) to execute a 3-month marketing campaign in alignment with their switch to a greener app design and business model. As a part of this project, we created one of their most viral campaigns of all time!

• As a part of the International Antarctic Expedition for Climate Change, our founder Maanasa Gopal took a journey from Singapore to Antarctica. The expedition selects 100 young leaders worldwide to work on climate policy and action to prevent the revision of the Madrid Protocol that currently protects Antarctica from human exploitation till 2041.

• Our campaign idea #pandameetspolar cleverly used this as a perfect market opportunity to raise curiosity on social media with a viral idea: making the world’s longest carbon negative food delivery from Singapore to Antarctica spanning over 30,000+ km and 4 continents!

• Social media content we created for this campaign ended up becoming viral with over 500,000+ viewer engagements, 200+ new article coverages, 20+ interviews, and dominated Instagram’s explore page for #food #fooddelivery #delivery #Antarctica #foodpanda within 48 hours!

• This campaign also achieved a significant milestone - If you were to google ‘world’s longest food delivery’, we will pop up! :)