Branding and Events

POAP NFTs for NTU Singapore


SLim Research Lab in NTU Singapore partnered with us to celebrate their 15th year anniversary in the most creative way - they wanted to gift members and alumni with a unique digital gift.

• As an integral part of this endeavor, NinjaReach undertook the task of creating POAP NFTs (Proof Of Attendance Protocol Non-Fungible Tokens) to commemorate the Lab's momentous milestone. These unique digital tokens were meticulously designed and minted, with each possessing a distinct mint link exclusively tailored for members, alumni, PhD students, founders, and collaborating research labs.

• Introduced to the world in 2019 at ETHDenver, POAPs revolutionize the concept of commemoration by utilizing the blockchain-powered Proof Of Attendance Protocol. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, POAPs transform precious moments into collectible tokens, ensuring their preservation for eternity.

• The Proof of Attendance Protocol turns precious moments into collectibles. Using blockchain technology, POAP tokenizes your memories, so they can last forever! SLim Research Group at NTU Singapore stands at the forefront of innovation, as they became the pioneering lab in Singapore to adopt this groundbreaking technology for commemorating their grand anniversary event.